7 Reasons why we curate TEDxEuston

7 Reasons why we curate TEDxEuston

To celebrate our 7th year, read below 7 reasons why Adaugo Amajuoyi, Amina Abonde-Adigun and Ifediba Nwokedi (commonly known as AAI among the team) co-curate TEDxEuston and help put together our great event each year.

The joys of being a TEDxEuston curator are varied – you have to be able to juggle many hats, have an intense passion and generally prepared for anything. There are many reasons why its so great to curate TEDxEuston. However, to keep things simple we’ll focus on seven reasons as follows:

1. It is a labour of love, dedication and passion for Africa.

I have followed the inception of TEDxEuston since 2009 and admired the Foundation Boards dedication to make it happen year after year. Curating and managing a project like TEDxEuston requires lots of effort and sheer dedication. Sometimes you are surprised to find out how much more you can give at any given moment if you are passionate about what you are doing. TEDxEuston is definitely a labour of love for us as co-curators! There is no better reward than the success we see year after year, speakers making breakthroughs in their endeavours and more importantly the community sharing how much support they have received or feeling motivated to follow their dream to do more in Africa.

2. The team is a family of highly passionate individuals with a lot of energy

A big positive is having one of the best teams you could ever have for any project. TEDxEuston is a voluntary organization where nobody makes a profit. Therefore, the team are focused on creating the best experience for the TEDxEuston community who have come to love the event year after year.

I feel privileged to work with an amazing team of people from all walks of life and various talents. As a curator it is a dream to guide and manage the hard work of such talented individuals. Our role is made easy when your team wants to deliver with pride. We also have great socials and vibe off each others ideas, creativity and ambitions. We definitely champion each other.

3. Together we choose the yearly themes and speakers.

Choosing the theme and potential speakers starts very early in the year with a final list presented and discussed in January, even though the event is in December. The 12 month process is very collaborative with the whole team being involved. This is what we love about curating with a dedicated team.

TEDxEuston team meetings are virtual due to the multiple countries and continents the team are based in. Our meetings are usually full of passionate debate, insightful moments and a clear vision at the end of the debate.

4. A year’s planning and logistics starts

As a curator this is the bulk of our duties and sometimes can be the difficult bit, but equally exciting. From January to January the curators and team attend lots of meetings with partners, venue providers, hotels, entertainers and much more. The leg work is worth it and at times the team have to motivate each other along the bumpy challenges. Keeping within our TEDxEuston motto:

“Where there is a will there is way.”
5. Partners make it happen with their support

The TEDxEuston partnerships are very important to deliver such an organised and inspiring event. Our partners’ support allows TEDxEuston to be an affordable event for many and not just for a few.

Furthermore, partnerships allow the TEDxEuston community to gain direct access to expert knowledge and innovative ventures that shape our daily experiences and socio economic development. As a curator, we love working with partners who are dedicated to supporting our ethos of promoting African ideas worth spreading.

6. The speakers are confirmed and the excitement rises.

When we get to this point – we know its all systems go! Our job is to give the speakers the best possible experience to be able to deliver the best talk they can give to the discerning TEDxEuston community. It is also a great pleasure to support talented individuals through the rather exposing process of giving a TED talk. You’ll be surprised how many seasoned public speakers get nervous like many of us would!

7. The TEDxEuston community make it all worth while.

It may sound cliché but the most important reason we love curating TEDxEuston is to see how inspired the community is about attending TEDxEuston.
On that one Saturday, Africa is present and united in one place once a year, every year. Sharing and challenging the narrative of their individual countries. We will be overjoyed if we eventually have all 54 countries in the house one day.

TEDxEuston is an African family!

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