7 reasons why you should buy a TEDxEuston ticket

We’re now 4 weeks away from the big day and the baton has been ceremoniously handed over to me. This week I’m taking you through 7 reasons why you should buy your TEDxEuston ticket! You ready? Sure? Ok…  


1. The Experience

It’s nothing like watching in online. Trust me.  As a self-proclaimed YouTube connoisseur, there’s nothing I love more than coming home, crawling into bed and pressing play. This is precisely how I discovered TEDxEuston in 2012. After attending my first event the following year, I walked home in a state of hypnosis. My Häagen-Dazs supported, YouTube facilitated, TEDxEuston marathons hadn’t prepared me for the energy in the room. There’s a ‘buzz’ that nobody can quite describe – it’s in the laughter, the applause, even the silence. You’ll feel it and it will compel you to run with that idea.


2. The Theme

Talking of ‘running with ideas’, this year, we’re taking you from ‘Vision to Reality’. We’ve based our theme loosely around the now famous quote by Sarah Ban Breathnach: “The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs Dreamers who Do.” What’s better than an auditorium filled with practical dreamers?

‘Great speakers’ I hear you say? Well…


3. The Speakers

This year, another awesome line-up of speakers will grace the TEDxEuston stage. From entrepreneurs, to journalists to renowned healthcare professionals, our handpicked selection of inspiring speakers are sure to keep you captivated throughout the day.


4. The Goody Bags

I refuse to accept that I’m alone in loving goody bags so this is my shameless Number 4. My CDC USB carried me and my two dissertations through to the finish line. My portable charger from Shell saved me from taking the wrong exit on the A406. My trusty container of TEDxEuston mints accompanied me through the best and worst times. You get my point. Goody bags are an awesome memento for the day and we’ve partnered with some great organisations this year so expect the unexpected!


5. The Conversations

At TEDxEuston, you come with your name and your vision. We remove all self-imposed hierarchical barriers and provide the optimum conditions for real, memorable, conversations between people from all walks of life. We don’t stand around in familiar clusters, nor do we frantically race around with business cards. We talk, we exchange ideas, and we plant seeds.


6. The Community

From the moment you receive the email confirmation, you become a member of the TEDxEuston Community. We hold each other to account, and organise smaller events during the year to revisit conversations and track our progress. I’m working on a project based on my TEDxEustonPledge last year – I know the same is true for many. In this way, the value of TEDxEuston transcends far beyond the hours we spend together on a given day.


7. The After-Party

Now, there are after-parties, and there are TEDxEuston after-parties. We need to be very careful to differentiate the two. In cases of the former, attendance in usually optional – in the latter, it’s mandatory. Here, we celebrate the earthshattering talks we’ve heard throughout the day and release some of that creative energy we’ve been storing up since registration. When the serious old school drops, all born after 1985 are forced to take judicious notes on the sidelines. We do so respectfully until the intro of ‘Candy’ forces everyone back into action.


If you leave feeling both exhausted and exhilarated, you’ve been to TEDxEuston.  

But these are just words. Come and experience it for yourself…

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Nancy Adimora is a TEDxEuston team member, working primarily within the Partnerships team. She is passionate about exploring alternative means of development through social innovation and hopes to bridge infrastructural gaps through entrepreneurial exploits in the future.