An event that really can change your life…

An event that really can change your life…

In less than two weeks’ time, Blackfriars will play host once again to one of London’s best
African events of the year –  TEDxEuston: the only TEDx conference outside of the continent to be exclusively about Africa.


Sitting in front of my keyboard in sunny Abuja, I reflect on the excitement, the admiration and incredible sense of anticipation I felt at last year’s conference and thinking what a difference a year can make. At TEDxEuston’s conference last year I was inspired by each of the speakers and belief that I could make a difference in Africa deepened and strengthened with every passing speech. From the motivational talks of the likes of Sunday Oliseh, Zain AsherKene Mkparu and Fatima B Muhammad, to the gut-wrenchingly hilarious performance by Chigul and the thought-provoking ‘Conversations with Baba’ by Binyawanga Wainaina – all these talks made an impact.     16207787041_74e34b5d62_b

More than the talks though, it was the camaraderie of the TEDxEuston team, the sense that we (volunteers and team members alike) were all pulling together to put on something really special. The infectious satisfaction and happiness of the guests made this event truly special, not to mention the after-party!

In December 2014, I knew that the desire to follow my dreams and carve my path more clearly on the African continent had been birthed inside me. I knew of the potential of many countries in the continent and that my motivations, aspirations, talent and personality would chime with some of the countries on the continent, but I didn’t realise exactly how this could be manifested.


Outside Channels TV station in Lagos

Fast forward one year and I’m a fully-fledged TEDxEuston team member and I am currently living and working in Nigeria. A myriad of reasons and circumstances have placed me here, but I am sure that the inner dream birthed in me at TEDxEuston 2014 has played a great role.

I realise that this may sound cliché and for those of you who are familiar with TEDxEuston, you will have heard this before. But TEDxEuston really has impacted my life choices. And I can tell you stories of others who have attended a TEDxEuston event and who have also altered their life courses as a result. All the TEDxEuston team, for example, are part of it because we believe in what it can achieve, and the impact it can have on people’s lives. Because for most of us, we have already had this moment.

So yes, I’m part of the TEDxEuston Organising Committee and so you probably expect me to say this. But I would urge you to just give it a try. TEDxEuston can be one of those events which is life-changing, path-shaping, connection-making and so on. Whether you’ve been before or not, come and be part of TEDxEuston this year.


Eulette with TEDxEuston foundation board member, Paddy

Buy a ticket here and throw yourself into the whole experience on Saturday 5th December. Strike up conversations with TEDxEuston team members, or with other attendees over lunch. Go and talk to the speakers directly to hear more of their stories, let your hair down on the dance floor at the afterparty, and most importantly go with an open mind. You never know what may happen.


Eulette Ewart is a TEDxEuston team member and jointly leads TEDxEuston communications. As a communications professional who has specialised in human rights and sustainable development across the continent, Eulette now lives and works in Nigeria. 

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