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TEDxEuston 2015 Performers

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We’re excited to have two amazing performances on Saturday 5th December at our 7th #TEDxEuston!


Irineu Nogueira

Presenting Chaos group with performers:

Aneta Zwierzyńska, Aleksandra Jawulska, Julia Testa, Olissa Franscisco and Veronica Leopoldino

Drummer Dembis Thioung.

Costume of Chenqi Guan.

Choreographed and directed by Irineu Nogueira.

Irineu Nogueira is a Brazilian who has been living in London for the last 5 years. He has been exploring paths to express his background in Afro Brazilian Dance and Orixás through cross-discipline experiences such as opera, theatre, musicals, cinema and circus, which transformed him into a complete artist.

Back in Brazil, Irineu developed a respectful reputation in the field, from which resulted several jobs worldwide including Korea, Israel, Senegal, Guinea, France, Canada. In addition he also teaches masterclasses in Capoeira throughout the world.

Amongst many other projects that he directs, co-creates and produces, Abieié (rebirth, in the Yorubá language) is currently his main project, with which he dreams out loud and he aims to present Afro Brazilian culture through the qualities of contemporary dance in an active, creative and highly energetic way which directly reflects his personality as an artist.

His latest works are Chaos Art Group – an Abieié project by Irineu Afro-Brazilian dance students; Cria da Casa productions, a production agency that aims to promote traditional Brazilian Culture throughout the world; Bloco Serafina, a Brazilian proposal to promote cultural afro-roots from Brazil with Carnival beats.

Finally, as a visionary in continual search for self-improvement he is currently studying a masters degree in Performance, Design and Practice at Central Saint Martins, London.This performance has the support of Guidehall School and UAL Central Saint Martins.Abdoulaye Samb


Abdoulaye Samb is a guitarist, singer and composer from Senegal. His original music is inspired by Fula and Mandinka cultures and his distinctive musical style has grown out of his travels, collaborations and researches in Africa and Europe. Abdoulaye plays a truly remarkable Senegalese blues, which draws on elements of the rich Fula tradition interwoven with Rumba, Mbalax, Afro-Latin and deep blues. He has played with many great artists and groups such as Assane Mboup, Abdou Diop, Salam Diallo, Daby Balde, Abou Thiouballo and Baaba Maal. He will be performing at TEDxEuston as a solo and promises to provide a wonderfully intimate experience of African/Senegalese music.

Special Black Friday announcement

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We have been itching to tell you about a little something extra we have in store that translates this theme in a really innovative way! Our theme for TEDxEuston this year is ‘Vision to Reality’, so we proudly present …

TEDxEuston x BBFA x Site Specific Vision to Reality Art Exhibition


We are excited to announce that we have teamed up with ground-breaking artist collective Black British Female Artist (B.B.F.A) and non profit organisation Site_Specific to bring you an exciting exhibition of artworks that will stir your senses and provoke discussion.
The B.B.F.A collective was founded earlier this year by Multimedia Textile Artist, Enam Gbewonyo.
With a distinct lack of platforms made available to artists of the Diaspora in the UK as well as a disparity in profile between prominent Black British male artists and their female counterparts, Enam hopes to tackle these inequalities head on and has progressed in leaps and bounds in bringing her vision to life. Featuring 8 talented emerging artists of African/Caribbean descent who specialise in a range of mediums, they have already exhibited at the iconic Bargehouse OXO Tower for the annual African and African Caribbean Design Diaspora (AACDD) Festival. And now 6 of these artists will join us at TEDxEuston. Having had a sneak peek of the artists’ work we know you will be blown away!

But that’s not all we also have the pleasure of hosting a very worthy cause, the non-profit organisation Site_Specific. Using land art as a vehicle, Site_Specific Land Art promotes site-specific art in Africa, facilitating communities to care for and appreciate their environment, as well as supporting and coordinating art, environmental creators and patrons. With the organisation largely based in South Africa it means we sadly cannot recreate the expansive and breathtaking Land Art sculptures at the conference. Thank goodness we have our TEDxEuston techies on hand to help bring you the magic via projected image though.

Make sure to take advantage of your time at the conference when you’re overlooking the Thames at The Mermaid, in between our amazing speakers on Saturday 5th December.

Do wander through to the Queenhithe room where you can view the work and get to meet the wonderful artists too.

If you can’t wait till next week then feel free to get a preview at and

An event that really can change your life…

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In less than two weeks’ time, Blackfriars will play host once again to one of London’s best
African events of the year –  TEDxEuston: the only TEDx conference outside of the continent to be exclusively about Africa.


Sitting in front of my keyboard in sunny Abuja, I reflect on the excitement, the admiration and incredible sense of anticipation I felt at last year’s conference and thinking what a difference a year can make. At TEDxEuston’s conference last year I was inspired by each of the speakers and belief that I could make a difference in Africa deepened and strengthened with every passing speech. From the motivational talks of the likes of Sunday Oliseh, Zain AsherKene Mkparu and Fatima B Muhammad, to the gut-wrenchingly hilarious performance by Chigul and the thought-provoking ‘Conversations with Baba’ by Binyawanga Wainaina – all these talks made an impact.     16207787041_74e34b5d62_b

More than the talks though, it was the camaraderie of the TEDxEuston team, the sense that we (volunteers and team members alike) were all pulling together to put on something really special. The infectious satisfaction and happiness of the guests made this event truly special, not to mention the after-party!

In December 2014, I knew that the desire to follow my dreams and carve my path more clearly on the African continent had been birthed inside me. I knew of the potential of many countries in the continent and that my motivations, aspirations, talent and personality would chime with some of the countries on the continent, but I didn’t realise exactly how this could be manifested.


Outside Channels TV station in Lagos

Fast forward one year and I’m a fully-fledged TEDxEuston team member and I am currently living and working in Nigeria. A myriad of reasons and circumstances have placed me here, but I am sure that the inner dream birthed in me at TEDxEuston 2014 has played a great role.

I realise that this may sound cliché and for those of you who are familiar with TEDxEuston, you will have heard this before. But TEDxEuston really has impacted my life choices. And I can tell you stories of others who have attended a TEDxEuston event and who have also altered their life courses as a result. All the TEDxEuston team, for example, are part of it because we believe in what it can achieve, and the impact it can have on people’s lives. Because for most of us, we have already had this moment.

So yes, I’m part of the TEDxEuston Organising Committee and so you probably expect me to say this. But I would urge you to just give it a try. TEDxEuston can be one of those events which is life-changing, path-shaping, connection-making and so on. Whether you’ve been before or not, come and be part of TEDxEuston this year.


Eulette with TEDxEuston foundation board member, Paddy

Buy a ticket here and throw yourself into the whole experience on Saturday 5th December. Strike up conversations with TEDxEuston team members, or with other attendees over lunch. Go and talk to the speakers directly to hear more of their stories, let your hair down on the dance floor at the afterparty, and most importantly go with an open mind. You never know what may happen.


Eulette Ewart is a TEDxEuston team member and jointly leads TEDxEuston communications. As a communications professional who has specialised in human rights and sustainable development across the continent, Eulette now lives and works in Nigeria. 

Special TEDxEuston Moments

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In truth, you never know what that special moment will be for you at TEDxEuston, when the tears start rolling down and you glance around to check if you are the only one. Or the occasions when a talk resonates so much with you that you stand up over a standing “O” until your neighbour pulls you back down to your feet. Attendees have come back to us years after with testimonies of how that ONE talk at TEDxEuston made them find the strength to execute on an idea that was always there, or how they found the courage to chart a completely new course. Sometimes it’s the speaker – like – Cobham’s Asuquo’s beautiful and powerful talk “The Gift of Blindness”, sometimes it’s the music like N’tabiseng’s unforgettable rendition of her song “Print of my Heart”, and sometimes it is the person sitting next to you.



But most times, it’s the combination of all this, add the after-party to the mix and you have a pulsating day for the mind and body.

TEDxEuston is always curated in that spirit – in the spirit of sitting together under iroko trees like our fore fathers did, sharing communion. It is much more than the normal event with a few powerpoint slides telling us what the future holds.


At TEDxEuston we curate an event by us, for us and of us. Even in those moments where there are small technical problem with the microphone or slides, we forgive, because we know, that while we are not perfect, we always strive to produce the best event for us.

Do something special for yourself this December. Get one of the last tickets here.

7 reasons why you should buy a TEDxEuston ticket

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We’re now 4 weeks away from the big day and the baton has been ceremoniously handed over to me. This week I’m taking you through 7 reasons why you should buy your TEDxEuston ticket! You ready? Sure? Ok…  


1. The Experience

It’s nothing like watching in online. Trust me.  As a self-proclaimed YouTube connoisseur, there’s nothing I love more than coming home, crawling into bed and pressing play. This is precisely how I discovered TEDxEuston in 2012. After attending my first event the following year, I walked home in a state of hypnosis. My Häagen-Dazs supported, YouTube facilitated, TEDxEuston marathons hadn’t prepared me for the energy in the room. There’s a ‘buzz’ that nobody can quite describe – it’s in the laughter, the applause, even the silence. You’ll feel it and it will compel you to run with that idea.


2. The Theme

Talking of ‘running with ideas’, this year, we’re taking you from ‘Vision to Reality’. We’ve based our theme loosely around the now famous quote by Sarah Ban Breathnach: “The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs Dreamers who Do.” What’s better than an auditorium filled with practical dreamers?

‘Great speakers’ I hear you say? Well…


3. The Speakers

This year, another awesome line-up of speakers will grace the TEDxEuston stage. From entrepreneurs, to journalists to renowned healthcare professionals, our handpicked selection of inspiring speakers are sure to keep you captivated throughout the day.


4. The Goody Bags

I refuse to accept that I’m alone in loving goody bags so this is my shameless Number 4. My CDC USB carried me and my two dissertations through to the finish line. My portable charger from Shell saved me from taking the wrong exit on the A406. My trusty container of TEDxEuston mints accompanied me through the best and worst times. You get my point. Goody bags are an awesome memento for the day and we’ve partnered with some great organisations this year so expect the unexpected!


5. The Conversations

At TEDxEuston, you come with your name and your vision. We remove all self-imposed hierarchical barriers and provide the optimum conditions for real, memorable, conversations between people from all walks of life. We don’t stand around in familiar clusters, nor do we frantically race around with business cards. We talk, we exchange ideas, and we plant seeds.


6. The Community

From the moment you receive the email confirmation, you become a member of the TEDxEuston Community. We hold each other to account, and organise smaller events during the year to revisit conversations and track our progress. I’m working on a project based on my TEDxEustonPledge last year – I know the same is true for many. In this way, the value of TEDxEuston transcends far beyond the hours we spend together on a given day.


7. The After-Party

Now, there are after-parties, and there are TEDxEuston after-parties. We need to be very careful to differentiate the two. In cases of the former, attendance in usually optional – in the latter, it’s mandatory. Here, we celebrate the earthshattering talks we’ve heard throughout the day and release some of that creative energy we’ve been storing up since registration. When the serious old school drops, all born after 1985 are forced to take judicious notes on the sidelines. We do so respectfully until the intro of ‘Candy’ forces everyone back into action.


If you leave feeling both exhausted and exhilarated, you’ve been to TEDxEuston.  

But these are just words. Come and experience it for yourself…

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 19.54.17


Nancy Adimora is a TEDxEuston team member, working primarily within the Partnerships team. She is passionate about exploring alternative means of development through social innovation and hopes to bridge infrastructural gaps through entrepreneurial exploits in the future. 


7 reasons why I joined the TEDxEuston team

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To celebrate our 7th TEDxEuston conference (have you got your ticket yet?), over the next few weeks we will take a look at our Top 7 reasons for all things TEDxEuston.


With the 5th December rapidly approaching and the team working all around the clock to get our best TEDxEuston conference yet together, I look back at why I joined the core team in the first place.

1. The team 

The incredibly hard working core team is made up of inspiring individuals from across the globe. We are all knitted together through our passion for all things Africa. We work closely, sharing ideas, executing visions and most importantly, becoming friends.


2. The speakers

The speakers are a huge asset to the conference and a benefit to joining the team. It’s wonderful to get a further peek into the speaker’s stories. Speaking to Zain Asher and her mother at last year’s TEDxEuston gave me a even further insight into her story or laughing with Ikenna Azuike whilst hearing more about his creative ideas. Those moments and personal interactions with the speakers provides even more inspiration.


3. The atmosphere

There’s nothing better than working throughout the year, planning and prepping to finally seeing it all come together on TEDxEuston Saturday. Hundreds of guests all in one room and with a passion for Africa is nothing but electrifying. You can feel the energy throughout the day, the positivity and the warmness of Africa all within the middle of London in the winter.


4. The location

Talking of London, the location is easily one of the reasons why I joined the team. Based within my hometown and the epicentre of a lot of conversations, I believe London is the perfect place to hold the only TEDx conference outside Africa, about Africa.


5. The opportunity 

Being apart of the TEDxEuston team is a great conversation starter in any circle. The prestige and reputation that TED has built up over the years is clearly very strong. The ability to marry the passion for Africa, my commitment to helping it move forward and channel the drive through TEDxEuston is a great opportunity. It may be a small move in the larger plan of the continent, but its satisfying to contribute in my own way.


6. The network

It’s a pleasure working within a team that has such a strong network. Between the mixture of healthcare professionals, creative artisans and business maestros that make up the core team, we certainly are only 6 degrees of separation from anyone.


7. The audience

Finally, you the audience make it worthwhile to keep working on TEDxEuston! It’s great speaking to people throughout the day, tweeting those that couldn’t make it, adding comments to the livestream and discussing the stories and ideas days, weeks and months after the conference.




Tosin Adeniji is a TEDxEuston team member and leads TEDxEuston social media communications. As a marketing professional who has specialised in music, entertainment and the creative sector, Tosin balances her work with social action projects, particularly in Africa.


Introducing Okwui Enwezor and Nancy Kacungira

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Joining the TEDxEuston 2015 Vision to Reality Line-up to make 10 speakers released so far are….


Okwui Enwezor is a curator, art critic, editor and writer, since 2011 he has been the Director of the Haus der Kunst in Munich. Enwezor’s wide-ranging practice spans the world of international exhibitions, museums, academia, and publishing. He is interested in African, European, Asiatic, North and South American art of the 20th and 21st Century, in modern and contemporary art of the African countries and the contemporary art of the African diaspora. Enwezor’s research includes video and photography, archives theory, photographic documentation, photojournalism and museums history. He also studies theories on diasporas and migrations, of post-colonial modernism and the architecture and urbanism of postcolonial African cities.His many exhibitions include: ECM: A Cultural Archaeology, Haus der Kunst, Munich and Rise and Fall of Apartheid: Photography and the Bureaucracy of Everyday Life.



Nancy KacungiraNancy Kacungira is both an entrepreneur and an award-winning journalist.  A US State Department Professional Fellow, and the winner of the inaugural BBC World News Komla Award, Nancy began her media career as a radio presenter while still in University, working her way up from intern to Deputy Program Director by the time she received her first class degree. She then earned her Master of Arts degree in Communication Studies from the University of Leeds, where she graduated with distinction.In 2010 Nancy co-founded Blu Flamingo; a digital media management company that has now grown to manage an impressive roster of clients in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. Nancy is currently a news anchor and the social media editor at Kenya’s most authoritative news channel, KTN. Her hallmark has been to pursue and create spaces for conversations about entrepreneurship and leadership, most notably on her weekly television show “Power Talk”, where industry leaders share ideas on seizing business opportunities in Africa and being part of the solutions the continent needs.

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Introducing Oby Ezekwesili and Mona Eltahawy

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Dr. (Mrs.) Obiageli ‘Oby’ Ezekwesili is a Senior Economic Advisor with Africa Economic Development Policy Initiative where she advises reform-committed African heads of state (including Paul Kagame of Rwanda, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia, etc.) on economic and policy issues.Dr. (Mrs.) Obiageli ‘Oby’ Ezekwesili

She is also the co-founder of the #BringBackOurGirls citizens’ movement, advocating for the safe rescue of the abducted 219 school-girls of Chibok community in Borno State, Northern Nigeria. She previously served as Vice President of the World Bank (Africa Region) in Washington, D.C., where she was responsible for operations in 48 countries and a lending portfolio of nearly $40 billion.

From 2002 to 2007, Ezekwesili worked for the federal government of Nigeria as Minister of Education, Minister of Solid Minerals, head of the Budget Monitoring and Price Intelligence Unit as well as Chairperson of the Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (NEITI) where she led the first ever national implementation of the global standards and principles of transparency in the oil, gas and mining sectors. She is a founding Director of Transparency International, representing Africa at the global anti-corruption body based in Berlin.


Mona Eltahawy is an award winning Egyptian-American journalist. She is writer, activist and public speaker on Arab, Muslim issues and global feminism. While covering the protests in Eygpt in November 2011, she was physically and sexually assaulted and detained by interior ministry and military intelligence.

Mona Eltahawy

Mona became an icon of the Egyptian revolution and her piece “Why Do They Hate Us?” became a viral sensation, followed by her book “Headscarves and Hymens: Why the Middle East Needs a Sexual Revolution.” 

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With an exclusive Friends of TEDxEuston ticket you get the following:
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Joining the Vision to Reality Line-Up…

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Next up on our Vision to Reality speaker list is….

Kechi_Okwuchi (1)

Kechi Okwuchi is an economics graduate of the University of St. Thomas where she was the student speaker at the 2015 Commencement Ceremony. She moved to the United States of America in 2007 for reconstructive surgery after surviving the Sosoliso plane crash in Nigeria of December 10 2005, a crash that killed amongst others, 60 of Kechi’s schoolmates from Loyola Jesuit College, Abuja who were flying  home for the Christmas holidays.

Despite many setbacks and over 100 surgeries, Kechi remains one of the most inspirational people you’d ever meet. With a lot of help from her family and from God, Kechi intends to make the most of her second chance at life by learning as much as she can about all the things that she is passionate about.

L_Mazibuko (1)

Lindiwe Mazibuko was until recently the Leader of the Opposition in the South African National Assembly, making her the Democratic Alliance’s (DA) youngest-ever parliamentary leader and the first black woman in South African history to be elected to the post of Leader of the Opposition. Mazibuko committed herself to making Parliament the true centre of robust political debate and engagement in South Africa. In May 2014, at the end of her term and following a successful electoral campaign in which the DA grew its share of the national vote from 16% to 22%, Mazibuko announced that she would take a sabbatical from active politics.

In May 2015, she graduated from Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government with a Master of Public Administration (MPA), and since September 2015 she has been in residence at the Institute of Politics (IOP) at Harvard University as a Fall Resident Fellow.

Miatta Gbanya_1

Miatta Gbanya was the Deputy Incident Manager in Liberia’s Command and Control Structure during its response to the Ebola outbreak of 2014 – 15 in Liberia. She is a trained nurse with a Master’s degree in Public Health from BRAC University in Dhaka, Bangladesh. She has also completed, amongst others, courses in International Health and Community Development at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.
She has previously worked in the Democratic Republic of Congo, The Sudan (Darfur) and South Sudan with Merlin and Malaria Consortium, managing various large-scale health projects. She returned to Liberia to manage the first Liberian Health Sector Pool Fund at the Liberian Ministry of Health and Social Welfare.

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