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The TEDxEuston team is at it again and the wheels are turning! Thinking back to Vision to Reality on Sat 5th Dec 2015 we announced that this was likely to be the very last event. In a really tough year, we felt we had come as far as we could.

We were all filled with mixed emotions of pride for successfully completing our 7th year, sadness that it could come to an end, and the nagging notion that as a team we would like to see TEDxEuston continue. The response from you the community was emphatic. There was a strong drive from delegates and partners alike to find a way. It was simply too important not to.

TEDxEuston would cease to exist without you – our incredibly supportive community. Many of you have approached us in the last 9 months to say we had to go on! From the entire TEDxEuston team and foundation board we thank you for believing in us. Your messages of encouragement have galvanised us.

Buoyed by the electric atmosphere at Vision to Reality and motivated by our incredible line up of speakers, members of the team have been living that theme.

Nancy Adimora launched AFREADA, an African creative writing community. Tosin Adeniji relocated to the United States to embark upon an MBA at Cornell University. Our tremendously inspiring TEDxEuston co-founder, TED fellow and resident epidemiologist Chikwe Ihekweazu was appointed the Head of Nigerian’s Centre for Disease Control (NCDC). We are very proud of the entire teams collective achievements, as this is just a handful of what we’ve been up to.

So you see, although we’ve been quieter, your support has kept us pushing. Now we are delighted to announce that the next TEDxEuston conference will be in December 2017! Thanks to the generosity of our partners we will continue to provide a platform for ‘African ideas worth spreading’.

To whet appetites for those who can’t wait until then, we will conclude the Vision to Reality series with REFUEL, our TEDxEustonSalon that will take place on Saturday 12th November 2016 at the RIBA (Royal Institute of Architecture).

This is a special half-day Salon with six confirmed speakers and performers that we will announce next month. As per usual, tickets for the Salon are limited. Earlybird tickets are available now for 2 weeks only. Don’t delay to purchase because if you miss, you miss.

We look forward to welcoming you to the RIBA as we refuel and share a true dialogue about the continent we love.


The other narrative of Africa | Viewpoint

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Maputo Beach

This July marks 30 years since one of the world’s most memorable concerts took place in London’s Wembley Stadium. Live Aid was a popular well-intended concert held to provide relief to people affected by the famine in Ethiopia.

At the time images of famine, disease and helplessness played well in the UK media and succeeded in tugging at the heart – and purse – strings of many who wanted to help ‘poor Africans’.

Unfortunately though, because of the ‘danger of the single story’ as celebrated former TEDxEuston speaker Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie describes so eloquently at another TED event, many Westerners knew very little else about Africa as the media provided no other narrative.

Kenya Safari - giraffes

That was 30 years ago. Fast forward to present-day 2015, and still we struggle to read the full African narrative. We have to strain our ear to learn of Africa’s resourcefulness, innovation, and entrepreneurship; or about the overwhelming hospitality, and generosity, or of the unbridled (and, some may argue, unrivalled) natural beauty of the continent, which can – literally – take your breath away.

Don’t get me wrong: I do not attempt to throw rose-tinted paint all over this verdant, mineral rich, well-populated continent. I know much better than to suggest that Africa is trouble-free.

But no continent is. I had to go to Africa to fully appreciate just how badly wrong the story is told here in the UK, and how desperately that narrative needs to be filled out. Uganda was the first country I visited.

Overwhelmed by its beauty, vibrancy, and richness and Ugandans’ hospitality, generosity and resourcefulness, I was startled at just how far removed my version of Africa is from the images perpetuated in UK media.

Since then, every trip to other parts of Africa confounds the Western tale and reconfirms my own narrative.

A snapshot of my version of #TheAfricaTheMediaNeverShowsYou

  • A ten-year-old boy who, with the help of his uncle, built his own home for himself and younger brother
  • Overwhelming generosity of every home-maker, irrespective of income
  • The extraordinary beauty of the undulant hills and rich-green of Virunga Park, the stunning beaches of Maputo, or the wildlife reserves in Kenya


Then there’s William Kamkwamba the young man who built a windmill; or the technological innovation of women such as harnessing solar energy as seen by our recent TEDxEustonSalon speaker Olasimbo Sojinrin from Solar Sister. Or the progress in entertainment as seen by former TEDxEuston speaker Jason Njoku’s Iroko TV , and the list goes on.

TEDxEuston is about championing, celebrating and inspiring others about Africa. We are determined to play our role in providing that fuller narrative of the African story. Year after year, through our TEDxEuston events, we successfully inspire and encourage Africans and African aficionados to promote all dimensions of the continent.


We will continue to press on, celebrating in the richness and fullness of this great continent, determined to see in 30 years’ time, Africa is represented in all its fullness, richness and beauty.



Eulette Ewart is a TEDxEuston team member and jointly leads TEDxEuston communications. As a communications professional who has specialised in human rights and sustainable development across the continent, Eulette has travelled to Africa on several occasions.

The Making of TEDxEuston | Ventures Africa

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We were delighted to be interviewed by Ventures Africa recently. The online and print magazine celebrates and champions business, lifestyle and innovation within the continent and the African diaspora throughout the world.

Some of the TEDxEuston team shared their insights into the origins of how the annual conference started, its development over the years and the growth that we have experienced over the last few events. Off the back of our successful TEDxEustonSalon this Summer, journalist Felicity James delves further into what makes the team tick here and what inspires us to continue pushing Africa forward.


Read ‘The Making of TEDxEuston” on Ventures Africa

TEDxEuston Salon | Oh what a night!

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TEDxEustonSalon – Oh what a night!

It’s hard to believe a whole week has passed since we hosted TEDxEustonSalon at the Crowne Plaza in London. Looking back here are a few highlights!

1) So many new faces! Delighted to hear how you heard about TEDxEuston, that you enjoyed it and we can’t wait to see you again in December. Welcome to the TEDxEuston Family!



2) Solar Sister’s Olasimbo Sojinrin shared her drive to eradicate energy poverty using solar energy and female empowerment.


3) Baobab enthusiast Andrew Hunt energised us with his provocative talk about the potential of Baobab changing the lives of women and their communities in West Africa. Watch out for him, we see things happening for the Aduna team soon.


4) BINGO!! Did you ever find out who had a twin? And, “Can you Shoki?!


5) Richard Blk got us moving, and reminded us that whenever we feel down, or we’re tempted to ‘juk him in de eye’, we should instead ‘SMILE’!



6) Eunice Baguma Ball, founder of the Africa Technology Business Network concluded the formal part of the evening with her powerful testimony of the obstacles she faced before achieving success. Many of us in the room  could identify with her talk.


7) The Afterparty! Drinks and dancing after the event is a TEDxEuston tradition. If you didn’t know how to shoki you would have by the end of the night.



All in all, it was an incredible evening. If you missed it, fear not – the talks will be released in the next few weeks.



In preparation for our December event, tell us what you thought of TEDxEustonSalon. We’d really appreciate it. Please complete the feedback form using the link below. It won’t take more than 5 minutes.–religlcgJ-300NE4I2cw1mz4/edit

Keep a look out for the talks and for ticket sales for TEDxEuston’s December event.

If you would like to support us feel free to reach out to









SOLD OUT! | See You Later

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TEDxEustonSalon 2015 – Facing Forward:  Harnessing Energy has arrived!

If you have not already purchased your ticket, it’s now too late as we are SOLD OUT.

The TEDxEuston Team, in collaboration with Shell, our principal partner, is incredibly excited to meet you all and look forward to continuing the conversations we started last year.

You will find us on the lower ground floor of the Crowne Plaza – City hotel, in Blackfriars in the Conference Centre.

Registration opens at 5.30pm, and if you’ve attended a TEDxEuston event before, you know you do not want to miss the start.

As always, there will be our trademark goodie bags provided courtesy of Shell filled with keepsakes.

In true TEDxEuston fashion, no event is complete without our networking AfterParty. After the talks make sure you take a moment to talk to like-minded TEDx-ers you have never met before and shake a leg to the tunes played by our DJ for the night  – DJ Josiah, winner of 2014’s International Music Conference, Best New Producer Award.

Our TEDxEustonSalon speakers  – Andrew Hunt, Eunice Ball and Olasimbo Sojinrin are ready to share their stories and ideas with you. Richard  ‘Rich BLK’ Mkoloma is ready to energise you. The TEDxEuston Team is ready to welcome you! We hope you’re prepared for what we promise will be an incredible evening.

See you soon!