Special TEDxEuston Moments

Special TEDxEuston Moments

In truth, you never know what that special moment will be for you at TEDxEuston, when the tears start rolling down and you glance around to check if you are the only one. Or the occasions when a talk resonates so much with you that you stand up over a standing “O” until your neighbour pulls you back down to your feet. Attendees have come back to us years after with testimonies of how that ONE talk at TEDxEuston made them find the strength to execute on an idea that was always there, or how they found the courage to chart a completely new course. Sometimes it’s the speaker – like – Cobham’s Asuquo’s beautiful and powerful talk “The Gift of Blindness”, sometimes it’s the music like N’tabiseng’s unforgettable rendition of her song “Print of my Heart”, and sometimes it is the person sitting next to you.



But most times, it’s the combination of all this, add the after-party to the mix and you have a pulsating day for the mind and body.

TEDxEuston is always curated in that spirit – in the spirit of sitting together under iroko trees like our fore fathers did, sharing communion. It is much more than the normal event with a few powerpoint slides telling us what the future holds.


At TEDxEuston we curate an event by us, for us and of us. Even in those moments where there are small technical problem with the microphone or slides, we forgive, because we know, that while we are not perfect, we always strive to produce the best event for us.

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