Wise words from Nancy Kacungira and Chi-Chi Nwanoku MBE

New year and the new set of TEDxEuston videos are being released across TEDx YouTube channel. Time for the world to experience what we all shared  at Vision To Reality on that special Saturday in December 2015.

First up is Nancy Kacungira. Nancy has many accolades including entrepreneur and award- winning journalist. A US State Department Professional Fellow, and the winner of the inaugural BBC World News Komla Award. In 2010 she also co-founded Blu Flamingo; a digital media management company that has now grown to manage an impressive roster of clients in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. Her ambition and clarity of thought came to fore on the TEDxEuston 2015 stage. She wasted no time in succinctly urging the audience not to point fingers to international media for not covering African news fairly, when African media are not covering it fairly themselves. Nancy looks at the African narratives and argues that we should move away from narratives and have dialogues. Narratives makes you a subject, dialogue makes you a participant, she said.


Chi-Chi Nwanoku MBE is the Founder, Artistic Director of Chineke!, Europe’s first classical orchestra of Black and Ethnic Minority musicians and is also the Principal Double bassist and founder of the Orchestra of the Age of Entertainment. Chi-chi is a professor of Double Bass History Studies at the Royal Academy of Music and was made a Fellow there in 1998. Chi-chi gracefully opened the TEDxEuston 2015 stage. She declared we are all born musicians; everyone of us has a heartbeat connected to something. It was a privilege for the audience to hear her personal journey through her early introduction to music and her experiences as a black women in the classical music industry. She narrates how she is fighting the good fight to bring diversity to the classical world and encourages the audience to “Never be afraid of a challenge”.