Will Streaming replace console?

Are you highly interested in Cloud Game Streaming ? Do you prefer playing games on online services rather than spend tons of money on expensive devices, that will later obsolete?

Playstation 5


This article will cover everything you need to know about Console and Streaming and whether the latter will one day prevail over console gaming.
Whether you are a monster PC game fanatic or a console enthusiast, one common thing between these two type of gamers is their love, devotion, as well as consistency to play video games and share their experience, walkthroughs, and gameplays either within their social media platforms or casually with their families and loved ones.

It is no doubt that PC gamers are aficionados, they are willing to spend extra coins for the sake of a better gaming machine or an enhanced quality. Same thing goes to console, with each emergence of new and more powerful versions of Xbox or PS, gamers are purchasing the latest updates and keeping up with news. Yet, another form of gaming activity has been gradually rising in the last decade and won the hearts of millions of gamers; Streaming.

If you are unfamiliar which this trend, it is when people record themselves playing video games online in social media platforms like Twitch and later famous platforms like YouTube and Facebook. Many streamers have gained financial abundance and fame out of this seemingly “easy and simple” activity, yet it requires a lot of hard work, talent, and a good sense of humor to keep your audience entertained. You may wonder why is this trend, well, so trendy and lures millions of gamers.

It is quite simple, gamers are earning decent amount of money out of it, and for more famous cloud game streamers this depicts their major source of income. Not only that, but you don’t need to owe a fancy console or an overly empowered pc to play a game or enjoy it. With companies like Google and Sony install a game on their server platform and send video and audio soundtrack to you over the internet. From your controller, you send back the data and input in order for you to play it. While this sounds super easy, it requires a really good and stable internet speed, otherwise it will just be like a broken radio record.


However the questions is: Will streaming ever replace console gaming? To put you at ease, the answer is no. While cloud gaming has become increasingly popular from the beginning of 2010 and still is today, people are always eager and enthusiastic to play on single-player mode. Some are unfortunately disadvantaged and jinxed with a slow internet speed, and some do not even have a stable Internet connection. In general console games is targeted for the entry-level gamers and streaming specifically aims at this market, a lot of noob gamers will start opting for streaming.

However, that will not always be the case as there is a middle ground for everything. Some players are not willing to purchase overly priced gaming devices for some reason or the other, and some other players are not willing to downgrade themselves to streaming. For that sole reason, console gamers will remain.