Best 10 activities & Online Games for kids with autism

Aghilas Ait Mihoub

Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a set of developmental disabilities that hinders a person’s individual behavior, communication style, and perception. Consequently, kids with autism might face huge difficulties in the beginning when faced with everyday tasks. Alternatively, what parents should focus on is to try to engage their children in different fun activities. These will help kids with autism to enhance their attention span, how they express themselves, and alleviate anxiety.

Top 5 Activities :

1- Crafting a Sensory Collage

Autistic kids are not less intelligent or mentally incapable compared to others their age. However, due to the developmental conditions they are going through, they might find certain senses and  patterns a bit dazzling. This is where you come in, help your child or student to get a grip of these textures and sensations by combining different materials and creating a collage. Use varied utensils like glitter, shapes, colors, pictures etc. This way, the kid will be familiar with a myriad of textures.

2- Ice Painting

Here is a nice combo that will surely sweep the preschooler off their feet. An aesthetically pleasing scientific experiment that consists of Ice and paint. Mix multiple vivid colors into an ice tray then add wooden craft sticks in each section. Once you finish, put the compartment in the freezer and let it frost. After it is all set and done, remove the paint then give the opportunity to your kid or student to get creative and design whatever comes in their head. Let them swirl the compartment over a piece of paper. This activity is best done during the hot summer days.

3- The Smelling Game

It is never a fun activity if it will only play in one particular sense. That’s why varying activities based on multiple senses will be more engaging to the child. For this one, you’ll need different small containers filled with varied ingredients (smells like lavender, coffee, soap etc.). Close the jar with some kind of thin fabric (make sure that it is not a lid made of metal or any hard material), and close it carefully with an elastic loop. Next, tell the kid to smell  the jar and identify what fragrance it belongs to. It will give them an opportunity to experiment until they get it right.

4- Puzzles

This one demands your patience as you’ll be testing your child/student’s learning abilities and their analytical side. Collect similar shapes but with different sizes and bring a matching empty container. For example, you may have a number of circles but different in size, get a container that has the same shape with a different size for each circle. Then, you just watch and keep quite while you let the child try to figure which one belongs to the correct place. It is crucial that you do not interfere and rather give the kid a chance to solve it. They will feel immense joy afterwards.

5- Taste Test

Alright, this is by far my ultimate favorite as it contains.. that’s right FOOD! Who doesn’t love food let alone in a game. So to get you started, try to choose the kind of edibles that your kid is not that familiar with. Remember, food should be varied and maybe include a treat that your child loves to get their attention. Blindfold their eyes with a piece of cloth and give them a particular meal to taste it and guess what it is. I should also mention that this activity shouldn’t be too easy or too hard, the middle ground is always the safest.

Top 5 Onlines Games :

1- Otsimo | Special Education

(Android, iPhone)

Our Top list Par Excellence. Indeed, Otsimo offers nothing but sublime pleasure which motivates kids with autism to learn the basics of education. Moreover, the app is child-friendly as it includes interactive games such as matching objects, identifying letters, and discovering different shapes.  Otsimo’s major goal is to develop the fundamental skills of kids with autism such as mastering Alphabet & numbers , constructing sentences , recognizing colors and numbers and most importantly developing their emotional intelligence.

What makes this awesome autism read and write app awesome is that it provides speech therapy for kids with autism and enhances mental development for both autistic kids as well as their parents/Caregivers. Otismo is not only designed for kids with autism only but it includes instructioanl games aimed to kids with down syndrome.



Leveraging the establishments of the TEACCH technique, ABC Extreme introvertedness makes a difference children with extreme introvertedness learn through the control of fun recreations. Accessible in English, Portuguese, and Spanish, this app highlights the communication qualities and conceivable shortcomings of those living on the range. The extreme objective of this offer assistance is to assist people of any level create certainty as they construct basic skills.

3- Autism PDD Comparatives/Superlatives Lite

This educational app is the best-selling buddy bear software and it is no wonder we selected it in our top 5 online games. In fact, the app contains calming narrations and appealing animations which help ASD kids boost their responsiveness. Mainly, this game stimulates autistic kids  to compare and contrast items. Thus, they learn descriptive vocabulary and morphological word endings (“-er” and “-est”). Moreover, Autism PDD Comparatives/Superlatives Lite assist kids with ASD to understand and master the W-questions (what, where, when, who). Besides, our app has engaging  quizzes in which kids choose the correct answer with an easy one-tap response. Indeed, correct responses are reinforced with captivitating animation, sensational sound effects, and a friendly “Good Job“.

4-MITA (Mental Imagery Therapy for Autism)

(Iphone, Android)

We highly recommend this  app. Actually, it has succeed to confirm its distinction from other apps thanks to its enhanced languages skills in autistic kids. MITA is the suitable app for kids with autism as it adopted a methodological and  well organized approach for the development of kids with autism. Furthermore, MITA has unlimited cognitive exercises with simple vocabulary. Aside from the playtime rewards and offline viewing, the app involves adaptive activities without featuring annoying ads.

5- Daniel Tiger for Parents

This entertaining app is designed to help parents and caregivers of kids with ASD. Thanks to the app’s songs, videos clips, pictures and conversation starters, you can smoothly navigate the ups and downs of everyday life. Therefore, kids with autism can acquire additional life skills such as : sharing and working with emotions. In addition, The app increases  parents’ confidence to support their kids to learn social and emotional skills.

iOS rating: 4.1

Android rating: 4.5

There are a myriad of therapeutic and fun activities that, not only helps improve your child’s learning abilities, but you get to spend some fun time and create adorable memories together.

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