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Senior using a leg lifter

As we talked previously, leg lifter is a tool that is like many devices designed to empower the elderly to stand up from bed. Some like standing canes are very useful and match many needs .

In this article, we’ll focus on leg lifters, and discuss the type of support they provide and who they’re designed for. We’ll guide you through the selection process and, finally, offer an overview of the three best options currently available in the market.

What is the utility of a leg lifter:

Senior using a leg lifter

A leg lifter serves as a tricky tool for seniors or those with limited mobility. Its utility lies in facilitating the transition from lying down to sitting or standing. In other words, it serves as a connection between two points : Help the legs move smoothly from one position to another.

So, for those who struggle with weakened legs muscles, this device can be a game-changer.

How to Select a Leg Lifter:

To select a good leg lifter you have to pay attention to several unique characteristics that contribute to its functionality and usability. Here are key aspects to consider:

1. Material The material used in a leg lifter must be both durable and comfortable. The best kinds of materials include nylon for strength, coupled with a cushioned handle for comfort. The quality of material will directly impact the lifter’s longevity and effectiveness.

2. Loop Characteristics The loop ( called also foot holder ) needs also a careful consideration. A stiff foot holder may make it difficult to hook your shoe for lifting. It should be designed to accommodate different foot sizes and shoe types without being overly rigid or cumbersome.

3. Foldability : It would be nice if the leg lifter can be folded, and the foot holder can be flexible not rigid.

4. Length and Adjustability: A product that is too short might end up being of no use. Check the length specifications and ensure they match your need. If possible, look for an adjustable option to customize the length to individual needs.

Best Leg Lifters:

1. Leg Lift Assist By Vive

leg lift assist by vive

Designed to make daily activities easier, the Leg Lift Assist By Vive helps in safely repositioning your leg on a bed, wheelchair, or in a vehicle. Constructed from durable nylon reinforced by aluminum, it ensures rigidity for ease of lifting and is perfect for those with limited mobility or recovering from surgery. The 26” wide loop accommodates any size foot, and the overall length of 44” is suitable for adults.


  • 26” wide loop, non-slip and flexible to accommodate any foot, shoe or cast.
  • 44” nylon reinforced by aluminum, providing strength and maintaining rigidity.
  • Useful for physical and occupational therapy, particularly after leg, knee, or hip replacements.
  • Large nylon hand loop ensures a secure and comfortable grip.
  • Excellent customer reviews highlighting its utility in various situations.


  • Not designed to be carried in a pocket, may not always be handy when needed (as mentioned by a customer).
  • Not adjustable in length, although can be grabbed at any point to shorten if needed.
  • Some users may find it too rigid depending on personal preference.

2. Leg Lift By SP Ableware

SP Ableware Leg Lift Mobility

Constructed with high-strength black nylon webbing, SP Ableware’s Leg Lift Mobility and Transfer Aid offers a practical solution for individuals with limited lower extremity strength. It is particularly beneficial for wheelchair users, bariatric patients, and those with Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, or spinal injuries. The product assists in lifting the foot onto a wheelchair footrest, bed, or into a car with its looped handles for both wrist and foot or cast. It measures 35” in total length with an 18” rigid plastic portion.


  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Great for post-surgery recovery.
  • Sturdy construction with rigid plastic.


  • The loop for the foot may be too small for some users.
  • The rigid design may not be suitable for all needs.
  • Some users found it not suitable for immediate post-surgery use, as it could cause instability.
  • Concerns about the stitching unraveling/li>

3. Multi-Grip Leg Lifter By Vive Health

Multi-Grip Leg Lifter by vive

Constructed from durable nylon webbing complemented with a bendable aluminum interior, the Multi-Grip Leg Lifter by Vive Health provides a convenient solution to lift and reposition the leg onto a bed, chair, or even a car. The leg lifter boasts a 41” length with three hand grips, ensuring stability, and fits any foot size, accommodating shoes and most casts.


  • Offers increased independent mobility, especially after surgeries.
  • Three hand grips for added stability.
  • Accommodates all foot sizes and most casts.
  • Sturdy construction with a bendable aluminum core.


  • Non-foldable due to the rigid metal.
  • Some users found the foot positioning in a permanent V-shape problematic.
  • Foot loop’s rigidity might not be suitable for all users.

Wrapping It All:

For those who find standing up from bed or repositioning their legs a challenge, leg lifters serve as an invaluable aid. Alongside other tools like bed rails and these 8 devices for standing from bed, thigh lifters and rope ladders, leg lifters provide an affordable support system to limit the risk of falling.

Whether for post-surgery recovery or aiding seniors with weakened muscles, the leg lifters outlined in this article represent the top options we currently selected.

Always remember, it’s essential to consult with a healthcare provider or a therapist before deciding on any assistive device. Their expert advice can help determine the safest and most effective option tailored to the individual’s specific requirements.
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