Best Thigh Lifters for Seniors

a hand pulling up a thigh with a thigh lifter

Some seniors may encounter difficulties to shift position or to stand from bed. Thankfully, many simple tools are designed to provide aid in these cases. Bed rails, rope ladders, and leg lifters are just some classic tools that have been designed to provide that support. We can also find Thigh lifters which are less popular than the other devices but can provide great help in some specific cases.

In this article, we will explore essential factors to consider when selecting the ideal thigh lifter for your elderly, we will also present our top picks available in the market today.

What is a thigh lifter and how to find a good one:

This is how it looks :

a hand pulling up a thigh with a thigh lifter

It features a wide strap that wraps securely around the thigh. To use this device, the strap is placed around the leg, usually just above the knee or at the thigh, and the caregiver or the user grips the wrist strap. With gentle and controlled pulling, the leg can be lifted and guided as needed.

This ingenious device is specifically designed to assist seniors in lifting their legs, providing the support needed to maneuver into beds, cars, or wheelchairs.

Here are the factors you should pay attention to:

1. Thigh Strap: The ideal is to have one constructed with polyester as it does not irritate the skin of the user. Avoid thin ones as it could hurt the thigh during the transfer. It should be broad enough to distribute pressure evenly to prevent discomfort and pinching sensation.

2. Padded Wrist Strap: It should also be comfortable, as it is the part that gives cushion to the user’s hand. It could be excellent when made of soft foam to prevent strain.

3. Buckles or other adjustment Mechanisms: When equiped with solid buckles, the thig lifter can be cusomized to different leg sizes and handling length. The buckle should not be overly complicated to manipulate, nor should it be hard to fasten. Avoid velcro because although strong initially, it can wear out more quickly with continuous use and lose its gripping power.

Best Thigh Lifters For Seniors:

1. Thigh Lifter By Vive

Thigh Lifter by vive

The Vive Thigh Lifter Straps are designed to aid in lifting and repositioning the leg in various places ( bed, car, wheelchair… ). With adjustable sizing to fit up to 30” thigh circumferences, quick-release buckles for easy use, and a comfortable blend of polyester and foam, these straps balance functionality with comfort. This set of two thigh lifters is versatile and can be an essential tool for those needing assistance with leg movement.


  • Constructed with soft polyester and foam.
  • Fits thigh circumferences up to 30” for versatile use.
  • Quick-release buckles so it’s easy to put on and take off.
  • Allows one-hand, two-hand, or forearm use.
  • Includes two thigh lifters.
  • Easy to clean with hand washing.


  • May not fit those with thigh circumferences larger than 30”.
  • May not be suitable for lifting very heavy legs or for very intense physical therapy needs.

2. Thigh Lifter By Kozee Komforts

a hand pulling up a thigh with a thigh lifter

The wide nylon strap of this lthigh lifter ensures a comfortable and secure grip. It is constructed with durable materials. The Kozee Komforts Thigh Lifter ensures reliability for both home use and outdoors.


  • It is constructed with durable and wide nylon strap.
  • Side release buckle.


  • Lack of adjustable sizing might limit suitability for all users.

3. Thigh Lifter by Additional Aids Mobility

 Thigh Lifter by additional aid mobility

This device is specifically designed for clients with spinal cord injuries or those lacking the hand strength needed to move their legs. The Thigh Lifterby AA Mobility is constructed with double-stitched grey nylon taffeta and includes an adjustable Velcro loop to fit thigh sizes up to 22” in circumference.

The easy-grasp D-ring adds functionality for persons with limited hand function or strength.


  • Constructed with double-stitched grey nylon taffeta ( durable ).
  • Adjustable Velcro loop to fit up to 22” thigh circumference.
  • Easy-grasp D-ring which is usable for those with limited hand strength.


  • Velcro adjustment might not provide the same level of security as buckles.
  • Limited size range may not be suitable for those with larger thigh circumferences.

In Conclusion

Don’t forget that there are other help standing aids that may help in different situations. Thigh lifters, although not as common as some other bed aids, can be an excellent device that helps our elderly move their legs from one position to another. They are not only useful for assisting in transfers to and from beds but can also provide valuable help standing from a couch.

In this article, we’ve explored various thigh lifters available on the market. We hope we have helped you make an informed decision.

Always remember, it’s essential to consult with a healthcare provider or a therapist before deciding on any assistive device. Their expert advice can help determine the safest and most effective option tailored to the individual’s specific requirements.
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