Best Android Word Games for brain training in 2021

Best Android word Games

Welcome to our best android word games guide! Word games are very popular and enjoyable because they are fairly quick to play and not that complicated. They are also extremely varied and come in different forms. They either come in massive jumbles of alphabets, scramble anagrams, or crosswords. Although they are fairly similar in content, they deliver a fun experience that will definitely benefit you a lot of long term. From classical word games like scrabbles to other brain games, we have listed best android word games that we think you will enjoy.



One of the best best android word games. Indeed Top List. It is the most well-known word game for Android and iOS as well and has gained quite a name for itself! The design and soundtrack the developers have included in the game and the different background templates are eye pleasing.

Wordscapes is a combination of Boggle and crossword puzzles. Each level, you have to discover all the hidden words; if you are fast enough you can unlock bonuses and combos that will give you extra rewards. Pay attention to extra words as well as they provide you with coins. Unlock +1000 of puzzles and become the ultimate linguistic nerd!

You can download wordscapes from google play here :
Download Wordscapes from Google Play

Elevate-Brain Training Games

Elevate Brain Training

Elevate provides you with a series of mental exercises every day to sharpen your cognitive skills and train your brain. It is a program that contains numerous mind games that are designed to enhance your attention span, improve your speaking and processing speed, as well as boost your memory and much more! Not only that, but each person is provided with a personalized training program that is dedicated according to their time. Your critical cognitive competence is highly improved with elevated brain games. Become more mentally productive and earn power and confidence in your skills.

You can download Elevate-Brain Training Games from google play here :
Elevate-Brain Training

Jumbline 2

Jumbline 2

This classic is a vividly designed word-search game which combines crossword puzzles with Boggle together. You get a set of letters displayed in a chaotic manner, and you have to slide your fingers across the alphabets to underline the correct word and fill the blocks. Although this concept is commonly similar to other crossword games, what makes this one a bit different is Cloud Pop and the Star Tower. Readjust the words that pop in the clouds before they reach the top of the screen. Build the tallest tower of words before it sinks to the ground by adding the stock of the collected words in the block of squares. Educate your brain and have fun with the challenges and the reward system it provides you with.

You can download Jumbline 2 from google play here :
Jumbline 2

Home Memory : Word Cross & Dream Home Design Game

Home Memory

Ever been fond of renovation games? Yet you want a boost and a challenge as well? This game is for you as is a mixture of both home decoration and renovation along with word puzzle games. Help your character fix and redecorate the mansion by choosing the proper item and unlock leveled puzzles in order to continue the storyline. Yafang Zhu’s Home Memories offers a rich gameplay where you get to interact with friends and neighbors, restore household furniture and amenities, and unlock stories of different characters. It is a one package game where choice and possibilities are diverse and endless.

You can download Home Memory from google play here :
Home Memory

Words with Friends 2

Words with Friends 2

Zynga’s most popular word game is free to play and resembles Scrabble in gameplay. After numerous updates it became smarter than ever before! Players are given a plethora of letters and puzzles to play with friends and their mission is to place the correct order of words and discover words. Challenge your friends and loved one outsmart them and win competitions against your opponents. It is a great way to connect with your pals, enhance your thinking abilities and train your brain simultaneously. What is better than having fun while boosting your English vocabulary? With Words with Friends 2 compete against themed Word masters to test your own abilities, and even improve your spelling and puzzle skills. Join weekly challenges and collect unique rewards, and much more to discover! You cannot neglect Words with Friends when writing about the best android word games

You can download Words with Friends 2 from google play here :
Words with Friends 2

Finally, One of the easiest ways to spend time with your child is through word games as they are highly beneficial for them. Word games are a training coach for your brain and act as a stimulus for your mental strength. Don’t miss this valuable chance then. Don’t forget also to tell us about your best android word games.

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