Different Bath Aids for Senior Safety ?

Bath Standing Aids for Seniors

Bathing can be a problem for many seniors. The wet environment combined with soap or bath gel, shampoo, and other products can make the area even more slippery. Considering that many seniors are likely to develop mobility problems, minor or major, a simple everyday task like bathing or showering can be an uphill task.

Apart from the inherent slipperiness in the bath, the senior parent may have :

  • Joint pain due to arthritis
  • Osteoporosis or brittle bones
  • Balance problems

Reducing fall risk in seniors is crucial as falls can lead to broken bones or worse. Fortunately, now there are many assistive devices available that can reduce the risk of falls that incapacitate seniors and increase the cost of health care.

Bathroom assistive devices for the elderly can help your senior parent take care of their hygiene and stay independent. These increase safety in the bathroom and help the person take a bath on his or her own.

Here are 9 senior bathing aids that you should consider getting:

  1. Bathtub Rail

a hand holding a Bathtub rail to move to the bath

A bathtub rail is a necessity if you only have a tub and not a standalone shower area. It is easy to use as it clamps onto the side of the tub. Once fixed, it should hold steady and provide a hand-hold to the senior to get in and out of the tub.

If the senior suffers from joint problems, the bathtub rail helps support the weight that is otherwise inevitable on one leg, when getting into the tub. Similarly, it provides support when getting out of the tub. Most rails have an anti-slip coating so that the hand does not slip when gripping the rail.

  1. Transfer Bench

Bath transfer bench

If the senior has more severe mobility issues, then the transfer bench may prove to be the senior bathing aid that is useful. This is a long sectional bench that is placed astride the outside and inside of the tub. With push button controls and attachable to the left or right of the tub, the transfer bench may be just what you need so that your senior is comfortable in the bathroom.

It usually comes with a backrest and some have arm supports as well. The feet are non-slip, a necessity in the wet environment of the bathroom. It is easy to use as the senior can sit on the outside and then slide the body across so that they are inside the tub and then lower the feet. He or she can take a bath sitting comfortably. When done, simply slide out.

  1. Floor-to-Ceiling Grab Bar

A woman showing how to hold a Floor to Ceiling Grab Bar

These floor-to-ceiling grab bars are versatile and can be placed in a convenient position. They can be placed near the tub, in the shower area, or near the commode, or even in between for multi-use.

They are height adjustable and sturdy, extending from the floor to the ceiling. A pole such as this gives additional support to the senior while sitting, getting up, or standing. It can also be used as an aid to get in and out of the tub.

The floor-to-ceiling grab bars may consist of a long pole that is placed against the ceiling and the floor or a pole with additional grab bars. You can get the one that your senior will find comfortable to use.

It is helpful for fairly mobile elders, who only need some support while getting in and out of a tub, sitting down and getting up from the commode, or in the shower, along with perhaps a shower chair, if necessary.

  1. Suspended Bath Seat

A woman using a suspended bath seat and holding a grab bar

Among the bathtub aids for seniors is the suspended bath seat. It is something that your elderly parent may find comfortable to use alone or along with other bath aids, to increase the safety factor.

This assistive device fits on top of the tub and can be removed if required, which is a boon if many people in the household use the same bathroom. It offers comfortable seating at a height inside the tub. It does not require any screws or fixing, so offers versatility. It is also a budget-friendly option.

What’s more, you can get the suspended bath seat in a range of options such as with or without a backrest and armrests, and with different load-bearing capacities.

Suspended bath seats are only recommended for seniors who have minor mobility issues. For those with more serious problems, other bath aids will be more useful.

  1. Bathboard

bath board

The bathboard is a simple option instead of the suspended seat. It only provides a place for the senior to sit at a height. It fits across the two sides of a tub and is meant for people who find it difficult to stand and bathe.

It may come with a grab handle to make it easier to get up. Apart from that, sitting and bathing is safer than standing as it reduces the risk of falls.

  1. Bath Lift Chair

Bath Lift

The bath lift chair is a more high-tech assistive device for seniors who have difficulty using simpler devices. This has a mechanism that lowers and raises the person in and out of the bath.

Bath lift chairs are usually equipped with a remote and some may also recline.

As there are many varieties available at different price points, you may be able to get one that swivels, reclines, has armrests, or more.

  1. Bath Transfer Hoist

Bath transfer hoist

If your senior parent has severe mobility problems and is unable to get in and out of the bath, then the bath transfer hoist may come to your elderly parent’s help. It does require that another person be there as the senior will be unable to do so alone.

The bath transfer hoist may be manual or electric and helps lift the senior upwards and then lowers him into the bath. This reduces the weight load on the caregiver.

  1. Bath Steps

Bath Step

The bath step is a simple solution for seniors who have minor mobility issues and for those who find it difficult to raise one leg to get into the tub and then swivel to get the other leg in. Bath tubs have a certain height and a low bath step reduces the height the senior has to lift their legs.

The bath step is similar to a low stool but is somewhat bigger and also has a better grip to prevent slipping. Unlike even a low stool, it offers greater stability. Some models are also height adjustable.

  1. Wall Mounted Shower Seats

Wall Mounted Shower Seats

The wall-mounted shower seat has to be securely attached to a wall. Typically made of wood or plastic, it is usually folding, so can be kept out of the way, if other people have to use the shower.

It is another solution for seniors who still have some mobility, but need a place to sit while showering. It can be used in walk-in showers.


Many seniors forego bathing because it becomes stressful and difficult. You should ensure that the bathroom floor is not slippery and you can use anti-slip mats like Safety Treads or others. If a tub is difficult to use, then consider converting the bathroom into a walk-in shower.

Whether it is a simple step stool or a more advanced aid like a transfer hoist or bath lift, bath aids can help your senior parent reduce the risk of falling. Older parents, who find it difficult to bathe independently, may progress to more advanced health problems as they gradually lose mobility.

So that they can live comfortably and independently as long as possible, bath aids can help them maintain hygiene and health. You can increase senior comfort by also getting bath pillows and cushions for neck, back, and head support,

As each senior’s mobility issues are different, it is important to consult with a healthcare practitioner or physical therapist to check which bath aids (or a combination) will be right for your elderly parent.

Article Written by :

Mejdi Khamessi on May 27, 2023
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Smiti Munwani on December 08, 2023
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