Toilet Standing Aids For Seniors [ 6 Types ]

Toilet Standing Aids For Seniors
Many seniors have some troubles like muscles weakness and balance problems and it can be very annoying for them to ask for help when trying to stand up from toilet.

Here comes the utility of many kinds of devices that are made to assist them in this essential daily task.

These aids range from simple grab bars to more advanced standing-assist devices, all designed to provide safe and reliable support.

In this article, we will explore the variety of toilet standing aids available and discuss the benefits of each, along with appropriate situations for their use.

The Toilet Height Matters

The height of a toilet can significantly impact the ease with which seniors can stand up or sit down. Standard toilets have a height of 15-16 inches from the floor to the seat. Here’s a breakdown of different toilet heights and if they necessite some complementary device or not:

1. Standard Height Toilets (15-16 inches)

Standard height toilets are common in many households. However, they might not be the most comfortable option for seniors as they require more strength and balance to use. here the best option is to install raised toilet seats

2. Comfort Height Toilets (17-19 inches)

Comfort height toilets are a better option for seniors as they are closer to the height of a standard chair, making it easier to stand up and sit down. They are also compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards for accessible design. And installing grab bars is an excellent complementary measure to seek.

3. Extra Tall Toilets (19.5 inches and above)

Extra tall toilets provide even more ease for seniors. The added height reduces the distance one has to move to reach a standing or sitting position. The best option here is just to pay more attention to the surrounding area by installing grab bars for example.

Types of Toilet Standing Aids for Seniors

1. Raised Toilet Seats ( simple or Adjustable)

Raised toilet seat with lever

Toilet seats, especially those that are raised or adjustable in height, are designed to fit over existing toilet bowls. In general, the height can be raised up to five inches. This imply a reduction of the distance a senior has to lower himself or lift himself up.

The adjustable raised toilet seats are universally sized, fitting most standard toilets and effectively relieving pressure points and discomfort.They are in general enhanced with slip-resistant pads.

Some models are ergonomically designed with a contoured shape and wide sitting area for additional comfort.

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2. Safety Rails (Standard and Portable)

mounted toilet safety rail

Safety rails  are called also Safety frames, it can be “standard” or portable, attached directly to the toilet or can be added to and removed from a toilet without permanent installation.

It provides sturdy handles on each side for support when sitting or standing, so this is an excellent assistance for seniors to consider.

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3. Grab Bars (Toilet and Wall-mounted)

Toilet equipped with a fix grab bar

Grab bars, whether installed next to the toilet or mounted on the wall, provide a firm handhold for seniors when standing or sitting. They have different shapes and can be mounted across various locations in the bathroom.

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4. Over-the-Toilet Commode Chairs

Over-the-Toilet Commode Chair

Over-the-toilet commode chairs offer a fully integrated solution. They can be placed over the existing toilet and often come with features like a raised seat, support arms, and occasionally a backrest.

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5. Toilet Seat Lifters:

Toilet seat lifter

Toilet seat lifters provide a powered boost to help seniors stand up from the toilet. With a simple button, they can be easily controlled.

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6. Toilet Transfer Benches

Toilet Sliding Bench

Toilet transfer benches extend beyond the toilet, providing a surface for seniors to sit on and then slide themselves over the toilet. These aids are especially useful for seniors who have difficulty stepping over the toilet base.

It was originally designed to help moves from / to the tub.

While all these aids are designed to provide assistance to seniors, it’s important to also educate seniors about fall prevention. Be on the lookout for our upcoming article on “fall prevention tips for seniors“, where we share strategies and advice to help seniors avoid falls.

Wrap It All:

We saw the possible toilet standing aids for seniors that can be used. Except those with some technology features, the majority of them need only a small budget that is worth it because it covers a big problem your senior is maybe confronting.

To broaden your understanding of the devices that assist seniors in different situations, consider visiting the topic on how to help your senior stand up (manually or with a device). For more specific assistance, you might explore topics such as standing up support from a couch or aid for seniors standing up from a bed.

We hope that this series gave an idea on how to help your senior !

Always remember, it’s essential to consult with a healthcare provider or a therapist before deciding on any assistive device. Their expert advice can help determine the safest and most effective option tailored to the individual’s specific requirements.
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