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The bathroom is an area usually glossed over. Given its slippery nature, bathrooms can become potential danger zones where the chance of slips and falls is significantly high so seniors need some assistive devices in bathroom.

Hence, the right selection of these devices, such as raised toilet seats specially designed for seniors can significantly improve your senior’s wellfare.

In this article, we’ll provide essential points to consider when choosing a raised toilet seat.

How to Select a Raised Toilet Seat:

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Choosing the right raised toilet seat involves understanding various factors such as design, height, comfort, and additional features like armrests. Here are some aspects to consider:

1.Fitting: Raised toilet seats should have secure fitting to the toilet to prevent any wobbling or shifting during use.

2.Height: The additional height should be suitable for the senior’s specific needs. Some seniors will need higher toilet seats some lower. Some seats offer adjustability in terms of height for a more personalized fit.

3.Weight Support: The seat should support the user’s weight.

4.Comfort: The toilet seat should have a comfortable design, perhaps with a contoured surface, to provide comfort during use.

5.Easy Installation: Opt for raised toilet seats that can be installed easily and securely without the need for additional tools.

6.Anti Slip: The seat should have an anti-slip surface to prevent any accidents.

7.Handles: Handles or armrests can provide extra support for the user when sitting down or standing up.

Safety Recommendations for the Use of Raised Toilet Seats:

  • Use it gentle ! Over-exerting pressure on the seat can lead to accidents especially when they are made with plastic.
  • For Raised seats without handles, if possible, combine their use with sturdy grab bars installed in the bathroom. These fixtures can provide additional support when standing up or sitting down.
  • Ensure the seat is securely attached to the toilet before use. A loose seat can lead to instability and potential falls.

Types Of Raised Toilet Seats For Seniors:

Carex toilet raiser

1. Cushioned Toilet Seat Riser

This is a simple assistive device that can be fitted on most toilets. It is a high cushioned seat that is attached to the existing toilet bowl.

This kind of toilet seat accessory is designed to aid the elderly, seniors, the handicapped, and those recovering from surgery. It provides an additional 2 to 6 inches in height to your toilet, facilitating a safer and easier experience.

Most models fit standard round and elongated toilets and don’t require any tool for installation. These risers have a wide sitting area that adds to the comfort and can usually support up to 300 pounds. One benefit is that the riser is easy to move from one bathroom to another.


Depending on the model that you get, the raised seat can increase the height on your toilet by 2 to 6 inches.
Most seats support between 250 and 300 pounds of weight – it is important that you check the weight-bearing capacity of the seat you get and that it is able to bear the weight of the
Easy installation: no tools or assembly required
The model you get should fit on the kind of toilet you have – elongated or round
It is better to get one that can be secured so as not to risk any falls or slips
Portable and easy to clean


If there is no way to secure the toilet seat to the commode, it can be risky
May not be comfortable for long periods
May not be suitable for taller individuals or those with longer legs
Thanks to the increased height, the opening may become somewhat smaller for some users

2. Toilet Seat Riser with Arms

Another kind of toilet seat riser is one that comes with arms. This is useful for those with mobility challenges. The product usually provides an extra 3.5″ of height, reducing the need for bending and twisting. It has padded arms or padded textured handles and this makes sitting and standing much easier, providing peace of mind and increased independence for users. Some models come with removable arms.
These risers fit safely on any toilet with an interior lip for added stability and security. The design allows for tool-free installation on toilet bowl, which makes the assembly process easy and hassle-free.
Risers with arms may have removable or fixed arms. If other people are also using the toilet, you may want to get one with removable arms. It is also good to check the weight bearing capacity of the riser and see that it will support the weight of the senior and others who use the toilet.
These are usually easy to clean, a feature that adds to their user-friendly nature.


Most seats with arms are easy to install and come with the nuts and bolts or locks or clamps needed that make secure it
The handles are easy to grip and usually padded
You can choose from a range of models that will fit your toilet
Easy to clean with traditional disinfectant solutions


Some models may require buying a new toilet seat to fit on top of the riser
If you are getting one, check that its shape and size will fit on your existing toilet

3. Raised Anti-Slip Toilet Seat Riser

This is another model in the raised toilet seat riser category. It’s advantages are that it comes with slip-resistant pads that adhere to the toilet bowl, so it offers greater stability.


In this category, the models are usually made from sturdy and durable plastic
They come in a universal size that fits most standard toilets
Most models support up to 250 lbs
These come with 3 large slip-resistant pads for stability
No assembly required and easily portable


May not fit well with some toilet lids/seats
Some users reported this kind of toilet seat riser tends to move slightly over time

In Conclusion

Be informed that the most suitable device is the one which include features such as secure fitting, appropriate height, sturdy weight support, comfort, easy installation, anti-slip characteristics, and, optionally, armrests or handles.

It is equally important to consider the user’s specific needs when selecting these bathroom aids. There is more sophisticated solutions like Toilet seat lifters or basic ones like toilet rails. All depends on your needs.

The above-reviewed raised toilet seats provide excellent examples of what’s available in the market, each with its unique features and benefits.

However, seniors often require assistance in other areas of their daily life. It is equally important to ensure safety and provide support in other parts of the house, such as the bedroom or living room. For instance, investing in bed rail to help them stand up from bed can greatly help seniors in their daily life.

Similarly, getting up from a sofa can be a struggle for some seniors. So, consider investing in some couch standing aids.

Always remember, it’s essential to consult with a healthcare provider or a therapist before deciding on any assistive device. Their expert advice can help determine the safest and most effective option tailored to the individual’s specific requirements.
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